Monday, August 20, 2007

DJ Z-Trip at the Granada

My wife and I went to see DJ Z-Trip at the Granada last night. It was one of the best shows I've ever been to.

Any time you can hear Led Zeppelin mixed with Jay-Z is definitely a good time.

Watching Z-Trip mix is a sight to behold. I've never seen anyone so into what they were doing. He looked absolutely thrilled to be doing what he was doing - the enthusiasm was infectious.

Aceyalone and Gift of Gab were fantastic, as well. I definitely need to check out Blackalicious.

The opener DJ, Tricky-T was pretty good as well. Not as good as Z-Trip, but definitely talented.

The drummer was great too. They gave him a good 10 minute set, with nothing but the drums.

My wife and I got a chance to meet Z-Trip, as well. Real nice guy, gave my wife a big hug like he'd known her for years. She had bought a shirt and he tagged the back of it.

If you have a chance to catch any of the remaining tour dates, I'd definitely recommend doing that.

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Carrieann said...

Well said.